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Monday 10 August 2015


    The most frequently asked question throughout ‘the Prisoner’ is, why did he resign? Why is it so important to the administration behind The Village? What difference does it make what the reason is! Except that they like to know everything about him, and in that regard it appears that they have everything in his file except the reason behind his resignation. I know they didn’t have the time of his birth, but that was omitted on purpose, the idea being that if Number 2 got the Prisoner to answer one simple question, like him giving them the time of his birth, then the reason why he resigned would quickly follow……it didn’t! Number 2 during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ also had the same idea, that if Number 6 would answer one simple question then all the rest would follow “Why did he resign?” But that is a far more difficult question to choose in order to make Number 6 open up and give them what they wanted. As for the rest of the important information inside Number 6’s head, which Number 2 said is priceless. Well the doctor-Number 40 in ‘Dance of the Dead’ attempted to extract some of that information by means of a catalyst in the form of Roland Walter Dutton. But strangely enough not in any great detail, only the files he has seen, the projects he knows about, just headings, not details. But perhaps using Number 2’s same thinking, that would have been just the start, had the doctor’s experiment succeeded. In that he would have been able to get Number 6 to answer Dutton’s simple request for the files Number 6 had seen, the projects he knows about, then all the rest would follow. But Number 6 still refused to talk, even when put under pressure by the doctors medical interrogation technique. And yet under those same circumstances taking place in the opening scene of ‘Dance of the Dead,’ the doctor might have put the question to Number 6, “Why did you resign?” But somehow it might be thought that Number 6’s response to that question would have been the same as he told Dutton, “You must not ask me that!”

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