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Thursday 20 August 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

    Poor Number 73, she was brought to The Village through no fault of her own, just because they couldn’t find her husband! Mind you they knew the name of the hotel where her husband and the woman Mariah met. Number 2 had a photograph of the two together. So both reason and logic would suggest to put two, perhaps four men on the hotel in question to keep it under twenty-four hour surveillance. After all if the hotel was a regular meeting place, 73’s husband would surely turn up at some point.
   It had to be said that Village life didn’t suit 73, she had already tried to commit suicide by slashing her wrists, that’s why she was in the hospital. But she was good, her love and devotion for her husband stopped her from talking. Number 2 might have been described as a professional sadist. But Number 2 never actually laid a hand on 73, in fact he had not done any actual harm to her, except frighten her a little. Apart from that all he had only questioned her.
    The truth of the matter being, Number 73 didn’t jump out of her bed, and out of the hospital window to her death, until Number 6 had come bursting into the room. She had no idea who this was suddenly coming bursting into her room, he could have been anybody. Rather than perhaps a knight in shining armour, he could have been someone far worse than Number 2! She saw Number 6, became frightened, leapt out of her bed and out of the hospital window. It’s no wonder Number 2 said Number 6 would pay for his interference! 

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