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Saturday 22 August 2015

Thought For The Day

   In ‘The Schizoid Man,’ Curtis has ensconced himself in The Village effectively as Number 6, having made himself at home in ‘6 Private,’ having settled down to living in The Village. As for Number 6 he has undergone mind conditioning and a change in his appearance, so that now he’s Curtis. Later, because of his remarkable resemblance to Number 6, he undergoes a make-over in order to give him the actual appearance of Number 6, so that now he would hardly know who he was. The idea being that Number 6 {as Curtis} will now impersonate himself! However having gone to all the trouble they have, and seeing that Number 6 has now taken to wearing a different coloured blazer, wouldn’t it have been prudent for Number 2 to see that Number 6 was wearing the correct cream coloured blazer?!

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