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Thursday 27 August 2015

The Therapy Zone

    ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ - In the original script Number Six visits the grave of Number Seventy-Three at the end of the episode. This was omitted from the final version. It may have put too much emphasis on Number Six's sympathies {but it would have been a nice touch} but even with no final grave visit, it is becoming apparent the Number Six is taking on a role within the community. He is protecting the people from the abuses of society or at least enacting revenge against wrongs. This is most evident in episodes as ‘the General’ and ‘It's Your Funeral,’ in which he saves The Village from cruel and inevitable punishment. Why does Number 6 care?  Perhaps he sees himself as a buffer against the machinations of Number 1. Perhaps seeing as Number 6 is the alter ego of Number 1, he’s set himself up as a protector of the people against himself!

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