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Friday 7 August 2015

I Am Not A Prisoner

   I am able to come and go as I please. No-one bothers me, stops me to ask me what I’m doing. Nor am I forced to carry identity papers on me at all times. I live modestly, quietly, am able to contact friends. My letters and emails are not intercepted to be read by others in order for them to be censored. I am able to write, and my writing is read the World over, and enjoyed by thousands of like-minded people. Sometimes we even exchange ideas, theories, expanding upon them, or dismissing them completely.
    In the past I’ve had people to whom I have been responsible, and those to whom I’ve been answerable to. But no longer, for I tendered my resignation and it was accepted. There was no argument, no discussion, my resignation was simply accepted. Oh those to whom I was responsible for, did put up a petition to the powers that be. Spoke up in my name they did. I told them that those on the next floor up would not take the slightest bit of notice of them, and I was right…….they didn’t! I was liked you see, thought to be a good man, too good a man to lose.
    Did I eventually come to dislike, become disillusioned, or even hate the kind of work I was doing? No, I enjoyed it, there was a good deal of responsibility in the work I carried out. Not that it was ever done, it was always there to be done, and seemingly with no product at the end. That’s service for you, and not production! It was the promotion that did for me. You’re a good man they said, you should put in for promotion. Indeed I was urged by a manager to go for promotion. So I did, and was promoted with no problem at all. It was as though it was merely a formality. Before working twelve hours a day was enough, even when it came to seven days a week, and four weeks in the month. But then all of a sudden it seemed like twenty-four hours in the day, and still seven days a week, and four weeks in the month. My home life, home life that was laughable, was non-existent! Oh I went home, what I thought was home, but more like living in a hotel, with my workplace having become my home! So then I went and resigned, and with that resignation I regained my life. Now I am able to do what I enjoy doing, what’s more I am my own boss, and so answerable to no-one…………save myself seeing that I am now the boss, my own Number 1!

                                                                                I Am A Free Man!

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