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Sunday 9 August 2015

Code Names

    In Andrew Pixley’s excellent book ‘the Prisoner – A Complete Production Guide’ when dealing with ‘Many Happy Returns’ describes the Prisoner entering the office of “M.” Some enthusiasts have the man to whom the Prisoner hands in his letter of resignation, as being responsible for his incarceration in The Village. Personally I do not see this bureaucrat as being an “M” style character. I should think that “M,” in the style of ‘James Bond’s “M” would have more important business to attend to rather than to be sat there doing a crossword puzzle. At some point in time, this bureaucrat is eventually replaced by Jonathan Peregrine Danvers, who is curiously addressed by his name, rather than a code name. Unlike PR12, and ZM73, who is also known by different names depending upon which country he was in at the time. As for Jonathan Peregrine Danvers, perhaps he isn’t important enough to warrant a code name, such was his position as a lowly Civil Servant. Remembering that Danvers had been transferred mainly at the request of the typing pool, so Danvers may be thought to be a bit of a philanderer with the ladies! Perhaps it was thought the best place to put Danvers where he could do no harm was in the outer office!

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