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Sunday 30 August 2015

The Girl Who Was Death

    In ‘the Prisoner’ Number 6 is the main protagonist, and everything in the drama revolves around him, because ‘the Prisoner’ is about all about Number 6. And to no lesser a degree than as Mister X in the episode ‘The Girl Who Was Death.’
   He set himself up as the hero, and his deadly enemy The Girl who would love him to death if given the chance! But what exactly did Number 2 expect to gain from Number 6 telling three children a fairytale? He did expect Number 6 to at least drop his guard with children, but that still doesn’t explain what it was he hoped to hear Number 6 tell the children. Yes the idea was to set Number 6 up as a child minder, and all children like to be told a story at bed time. But Number 2 couldn’t have known what format Number 6’s story would take, what story he would tell. It could have been Goldilocks and the three bears for all Number 2 knew. So was it simply a case of wait and see in the hope that Number 6 would reveal something about himself to the children which he wouldn’t reveal to adults? And yet he did, he revealed a part of his former life, not only to those three children, but to everyone who was watching, the kind of work he carried out during his previous employment while working for British Military Intelligence, or depending on how you look at it, Lew Grade and ITC Entertainment!
    As it is Number 6 told his fairytale to the three children without duress, or the influence of any form of drug. In fact as he spun his yarn Number 6 was in complete control. He knew what he was doing, who was watching and listening, so was he just clowning around with them, or is there more to it than that? He did look into the camera and say “Goodnight Children…everywhere.” Which gives the indication that it wasn’t only Number 2 and Number 10 he was treating as children, but also the television viewer in general! 

“Well Number Two, it was worth a try!”
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