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Sunday 8 November 2015


    Dance of the Dead and what Number 2 said, “It’s still there, amended slightly. We’ll amend him slightly. It’s you who’s died in an accident at sea.
   Number 6 offers the key of the door to Number 2.

   “May I” taking the key.
   “So to the outside world…..”
   “Which you only dream about.”
   “…….I’ll be dead.”
   “A small confirmation of a known fact.
   Is that “A small confirmation of a known fact” supposed to be connected to that fact that originally at the end of ‘Many Happy Returns,’ when Mrs. Butterworth-Number 2 gives the Prisoner a present wrapped up in a copy of The Village newspaper, the headline reads “Plane Lost Over Sea. No Hope of Survivors” I’ve never understood why they should run that story in The Tally Ho, it doesn’t make any sense when it’s supposed to be to the outside World that its Number 6 who has died in an accident at sea, not to The Village! It would have made more sense if the idea had been for Number 2 to hand Number 6 a copy such as the Daily Mirror, carrying that same story. But it’s neither here nor there really seeing as that part of the scene with Number 2 and The Tally Ho was cut. That’s why scriptwriter Anthony Skene wrote it as Number 6 having died in an accident at sea in ‘Dance of The Dead. Pity that idea didn’t run into ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ as neither Sir Charles Portland nor his daughter Janet seemed to be aware that ZM73 was supposed to have died in an accident at sea!

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