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Sunday 1 November 2015

What Was In Your Mind? Were You Attempting Suicide, Suicide?

    The Village appears to enjoy a high mortality rate, and suicide seems to be a favoured way to free oneself of The Village. After all as the Rook-Number 58 said in Checkmate "Death is an escape. And one day I'll die and beat you all!"
   Cobb was supposed to have committed suicide by jumping out of the hospital window in ‘Arrival.’ Nadia-Number 8 went off on her swim during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ but sadly she could not swim so far! And at the hospital she was put through an interrogation session at which the repeated question was put to her by the disembodied voice of the Supervisor-No.28. "What was in your mind? Were you attempting suicide, suicide? What was in your mind?"
   Then in the episode ‘Dance of the Dead’ as Number 6 stood on the edge of the round outlook on top of the cliffs No.2 turned and asked him "You're not thinking of jumping?" Possibly afraid of another mortality by suicide, but he never jumped. However No.73 jumped..... out of the hospital window, driven to suicide as she was by No.2 at the outset of ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ What’s more Number 6 went to the window to see if the body lay on the ground….just making sure?
   But Number 73's suicide was not the last which The Village would see. That particular honour goes to Number 8 soon after he had strangled Number 22 to death with his bare hands in the Silver Dollar Saloon in ‘Living In Harmony,’ by throwing himself off the balcony, landing at the feet of the Judge. Sorry I meant Number 2.

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