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Friday 13 November 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Here what’s your game Sherlock Holmes?”
                              {The photographer - The Girl Who Was Death}

    Mister X, we’ll call him Mister X because he doesn’t have any other name. But he is a secret agent working for, well we have to assume British Intelligence, who is in pursuit of the Girl who is a deadly killer.
   Mister X is wearing the standard disguise, which the Colonel wore while he was chasing the Girl. But she got the better of him, blew him to kingdom come at the wicket, one run short of his century, with an exploding cricket ball.
   I appeared at a Prisoner Convention as Mister X, as part of a re-enactment of the Barney’s Boxing Booth scene. I already had the suit, one exact to the one worn by Patrick McGoohan. The frilly shirt was made by my wife Morag, and the rest of the costume, dog check coat, deerstalker, sunglasses, and umbrella were very kindly supplied by Steven Ricks who was one of the Convention organisers, along with the late Rick Booth, whom I remember with great fondness. And the moustache, and sideburns were added in makeup by my wife.

    I remember how it was high summer, a burning hot day at the Prisoner Convention which was about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and there I was in full costume. Had it been cooler, I would have played the role more, in dashing about Portmeirion in search of the Girl Who Was Death. But it was far too hot to be doing anything of the sort, and by the end of the boxing booth re-enactment I was only too happy to get out of the costume. But it was worth it, and the first time ever that Barney’s Boxing Booth re-enactment had been performed at a Convention. The chessboard was roped off as the ring, and hundreds, members of Six of One and members of the general public all vied for a ringside seat. My wife was the Girl at ringside, Simon Morris was the Polish Giant Killer Kaminski, and Rick Booth was the master of ceremonies and referee. The re-enactment was a huge success, everyone enjoyed watching, and people stood filming it, taking photographs. For everyone involved it was a great deal of work, but was well worth the effort, and the reward…… to see people enjoying being entertained. 

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