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Thursday 5 November 2015

The Village Was Deserted!

    I should have thought that that would have been mystery enough for Number 6, and to be honest he did investigate the mystery of the deserted village. But what’s a chap to do when everyone in The Village has gone and escaped leaving a chap all alone? Should he have simply remained at home, to have waited for someone to turn up? And then what, if no-one turned up? There would have been no advantage to Number 6 whatsoever to sit about and wait for something to happen. Number 6 is a man of action, one never to look a gift horse in the mouth. Even at the risk of his own life Number 6  must try and escape himself. What price a man who cannot escape The Village?
    However as it turned out, Number 6 might well have saved himself the effort. Because no sooner had he escaped, than he finds himself put back in it, as easy as kiss your backside! Number 2 had it all worked out, whether that was Mrs Butterworth, or another Number 2 altogether. The only real mystery is where did all the citizens go? After all originally in the script for ‘Many Happy returns,’ Number 6 was to have broken into and make a search of the hospital. And if that had happened in the series, where would all the patients have been taken?
    Number 6 could have played the waiting game, waited for someone to appear at some point. But instead he couldn’t miss such a given opportunity for escape. So he played their game, and learned a very important lesson, next time do not make it so easy for them. He must forget his home, forget his ex-colleagues, to become a nobody and simply disappear!

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