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Sunday 15 November 2015

The Agricultural Village

    “Its good agricultural stuff, but would hardly have got you my place on the Olympic team,” that is what Curtis told Number 6 during the fencing match in ‘the Schizoid Man.’ Well that is all fine and dandy, but don't forget it's Curtis who said that, but as Number 6, whom he is impersonating. So presumably it would have been Number 6 who was on the Olympic fencing team for the 1960 Olympic Games.
   As for there being agriculture about The Village, I suppose the eggs and potatoes have to come from somewhere, and could have been grown and laid on a farm locally to The Village. And yet at the same time the eggs, milk, and the potatoes could have been brought into The Village along with the ice cream and aspirins at night when everyone’s asleep. As for the milk, there are cattle in the pasture next to the hospital, but other than that The Village seems not even to have a glancing blow with agriculture.
   And ending where we started, that’s a curious turn of phrase "Its good agricultural stuff," I wonder what the origin of that is? Looks like I've got some more digging to do!

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