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Thursday 5 November 2015

The Town Hall - It’s Particular Who It Lets In!

    It has been heavily debated between fans of ‘the Prisoner’ in which order the two episodes of ‘Free For All’ and ‘Dance of the Dead’ should appear in the series. As it stands Free For All’ appears before ‘Dance of The Dead,’ and yet according to the film library/production order ‘Dance of the Dead’ precedes ‘Free For All.’ That would make a mockery of when Number 6, as a local election candidate asks his driver to take him to the Town Hall, because he doesn’t know where it is. You will recall that Number 6 even goes to the electronic information board to locate the Town Hall on the Map of The Village. When prior to ‘Free For All,’ Number 6 follows Number 240 to the Town hall, and is stopped in his tracks on the Town Hall steps by an electric force field. That’s when he learns from a gardener that it’s the Town Hall, and that it’s particular about who it lets in. So if ‘Dance of the Dead’ was supposed to have preceded ‘Free For All,’ why doesn’t Number 6 know where the Town Hall is, when he’s been there in the previous episode?
    And yet really it does work in the series, to have ‘Free For All’ precede ‘Dance of The Dead.’ Yes Number 6 didn’t know where the Town Hall was, that’s why he asked his driver to take him there. And in ‘Dance of The Dead,’ Number 6 knew he was outside the Town Hall, however, what did catch him by surprise, was the electrical force field. He didn’t know about that!

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