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Thursday 19 November 2015

Bureau of Visual Record

    The study of ‘6 Private’ had been duplicated right down to the tiniest detail, nothing was overlooked. There’s even the fireplace, which is just for show of course. Number 6 screwed up his copy of The Tally Ho and threw it into the grate of the fireplace. Just as well he didn’t want to burn it, or start a fire, because there’s nowhere for the smoke to go. The fireplace is false, just for show, besides the cottage has no chimney. That could be a bit awkward in the autumn when the chilly nights start to draw in, more so in the winter when it really gets cold. Because in having no working fireplace, ‘6 Private’ doesn’t appear to have any central heating either, there are no radiators to be seen anywhere in the cottage. What’s more there’s no hot water boiler to provide hot water. I suppose the cottage could have under floor central heating, but the hot water would have to be piped into the cottage from a central hot water reservoir I suppose, but it would take a super conductive water heater to provide hot water for every cottage in The Village. Unless it was super heated coolant from a nuclear power station. Well the electricity has to be provided from somewhere!

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  1. If you look through the door arch, you will see that this "visual record" is not from Portmeirion, so why would you need to heat a tv/film studio? The warmth from the lights alone is more than enough to keep a body going.