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Monday 9 November 2015

You Still Can’t Do It Boy!

    I'm not sure if Number 2 was wise in taking Number 6 on at fencing, after all Number 6 had once been on the Olympic fencing team. If something was to have gone wrong as Number 2 taunts 6 to kill him. You will recall how the safety cap came off the point of Number 6's fencing foil. "Kill!....Kill boy..... you can do it boy... go on kill!" But lucky for Number 2 Number 6 only wounded him in his shoulder "You missed boy..... You still can't do it."
   But what, after being goaded so much by Number 2, Number 6 had actually done it... killed Number 2 that is? It is quite possible that the end result would still have been the same. That the Supervisor-Number 26 would enter the Embryo Room and the body sealed in what was then his tomb, and kept as evidence just as it was, with Number 6 asking for Number 1.
   Ah, had Number 6 actually killed Number 2 during the fencing match, and depending on when that was, it would be a few days before the time lock would release the steel door at the end of the week. There would have been no way out of the Embryo Room for Number 6 and the Butler, so they would have been stuck there with the dead body of Number 2. Until the time lock released the steel door and allowing the Supervisor entry. Unless Number 6 was to use the red telephone on the control console to contact Control, thereby advising them of the situation. But even then there would still be the question of the time locked door, the only way to by-pass that would be to cut into the wall and deactivate the time lock, and that would take time. But then Number 6 wasn’t going anywhere was he!

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