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Monday 30 November 2015

Falling Out!

   An interesting twist would be that the Prisoner has to resign his job in order to be brought to The Village, so that once there he is able to control Number 1. Then perhaps in time he might well be persuaded to become Number 1. But first to prove his mettle Number 6 is put to the test, a number of tests as it so happens. The only problem with that is, Number 6 had become self-aware, and so detached himself from Number 1, thus allowing himself to strive for freedom, and so become Number 1’s opponent whom he must beat.
    If ‘Fall Out’ is made number one, the first episode of ‘the Prisoner’ series, then Number 6 having become self-aware of what he has become, decides that there is only one way out! He separates himself from Number 1, putting as much distance between his selves as he can and then escapes with his three confederates. Then upon returning to London Number 6 goes to hand in his resignation, so that he’s free to go to The Village in order to become Number 1’s opponent. How one combats the fact that the Prisoner has been in The Village before is simple, Number 6 and Number 1 are locked together as they struggle within a vicious circle. We ourselves do not have to make ‘Fall Out’ to be the first episode of ‘the Prisoner,’ ‘Fall Out’ does that all by itself. As the end of ‘Fall Out’ we see the beginning of ‘Arrival.’ And yet Fall Out’ is both the first and the last episode making the series a vicious circle, one which the Prisoner may well have been going through long before we are made privy to ‘the Prisoner.’ 
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