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Thursday 19 November 2015

Thought For The Day

    As an invited speaker, that’s the former Number 6, a man now held in high regard, was asked to address the delegates of the Assembly. To make a speech by him, but for them. But as you will recall the former Number 6 may have started that speech, but he never completed it. Because although he made several attempts, each time he began, the delegates shouted him down, refusing to allow him to speak, and refusing to listen to one single word he uttered. So much shouting came from the delegates that the man making the speech could not be heard.
     I was reliably informed some time ago, how in the 1960's when someone of high ranking, power and position, was asked to speak at the Students union, at any University, the radical section of the Students Union wouldn't let the speaker be heard. They would shout the speaker down, and generally make so much noise that the speaker could not be heard. An interesting parallel don’t you think?

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