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Sunday 8 November 2015

Interior design

    It is probable that Number 51, the watchmaker, had been recruited to The Village in his capacity as a watchmaker. After all The Village and its community would have watches and clocks which from time to time would need to be cleaned if not repaired. And from time to time someone may well wish to purchase a clock. Under normal circumstances a retirement clock for Number 2 for example.
   The shop itself might well be an exact replica of the watchmakers shop elsewhere. Indeed when the watchmaker was brought to The Village the entire contents of his shop may well have been brought with him. The shop filled with all manner of clocks, both old and modern, all quietly ticking away, until they all chime at precisely the same time. Because as a rule clockmakers do like to have all their clocks set at the same time.
    The backroom serves as a workshop, and yet the watchmaker has a second workshop, because he doesn’t repair Number 6’s wristwatch in front of him, he goes further into the back of the shop in order to fix it. Although that would have been to afford Number 6 the opportunity to test out the detonator device.
   There’s a coat stand, next to it a wall telephone. There’s a roll top desk, and even a safe in that backroom. As for the living quarters, the kitchen, living room, bedrooms. They would either be further at the back of the shop, or over it.

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