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Sunday 29 November 2015

The Prisoner Versus The Village

    The thing about the Prisoner known as Number 6 is, he is at a distinct disadvantage. The Village, or rather the Administration behind The Village knows all about him, well apart from the reason behind his resignation, but he didn’t know anything about them!
Whatever Number 6 does, to try and escape, or when he goes poking his nose into things which do not concern him, they are one step ahead of him. Because they know him, and what’s more because of that, they can calculate and compute his every move. They know what Number 6 is going to do before he does it. So they knew that Number 6 wouldn’t be able to resist standing for election as the new Number 2. They knew that once Number 6 had been convinced by Nadia that she knew the location of The Village he wouldn’t be able to resist escaping with her. Just as they knew how he would react once he had discovered The Village was deserted. During that episode they were just as much in control of Number 6 as they were when he thought he was escaping during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ They knew what he would do, and so just let him get on with it. But that doesn’t take into account the fact that Number 6 was allowed to get away with destroying the General, thus bringing the educational experiment of Speedlearn to an abrupt end. Just as they knew what they were doing, or thought they knew what they were doing when they involved Number 6 in Plan Division Q. If they knew what Number 6 would do, then why involve him in the first place? Because they must have known that there was a danger of the failure of Plan Division Q if they involved Number 6 with it. But all in all, whatever the situation The Village survived, if not always Number 2. As for Number 6 he can never win, which is very uncomfortable for him. Oh he may escape from time to time, but he always ends up back where he began…. In The Village. Cue dark clouds, the sound of thunder, the long deserted runway, cue the green, yellow nosed Lotus Seven, the man’s face set in a grimace look of determination……… or is that simply because the wind’s in his face?!

Be seeing you………..back in The Village!

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