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Saturday 14 November 2015

Village Life!

   Shopkeeper “What kind of escape plan is this?”
   Number 6 “It’s the best plan I could come up with at short notice.”
   “Escape by sea?”
   Number 14 “That’s been tried before.”
   Shopkeeper “Yes, and if you hadn’t noticed we’re on land!”
   Number 14 “This stone boat isn’t going anywhere!”
   “I know, that’s why the Rook’s gone to get a pneumatic drill!”
   Number 6 “To drill through the stone and cast the boat adrift. I’ll man the helm while you two raise the sails and we’ll sail off into the sunset.”
    “You’re round the twist!”
    Number 6 “Has this plan ever been tried before?”
    “Well no.”
    “Well don’t call it until you’ve tried it!”

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