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Monday 23 November 2015

Tea Break Teaser

    If the episode ‘Checkmate’ contains the most film footage of Portmeirion, which episode {putting The Girl Who Was Death to one side} has the least film footage of Portmeirion?

Be seeing you


  1. My first thought was "Easy! it must be either Living In Harmony or Once Upon A Time". But both of these do show a little of Portmeirion.
    So perhaps it's A, B and C, which used a lot of studio set ups instead of Portmeirion.
    Be seeing you!

    1. Hello ZM72,
      Good to hear from you my friend. I hope all goes well with you.
      The actual episode which has the least film footage of Portmeirion, and not counting any of the sets at MGM film studios, is 'Living In Harmony.' 'A B and C' came close, so did 'The General.' And as a matter of fact I was wrong by having put 'The Girl Who Was Death' to one side, because I had forgotten the one shot of Portmeirion in that episode.
      So if 'The Girl Who Was Death' is put back into the mix, the result then becomes a tie between 'Living In Harmony' and 'The Girl Who Was Death.'
      That was an interesting exercise, and it revealed one other thing, but we'll come to that another time.

      Very best regards