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Thursday 5 November 2015

The Therapy Zone

     Cry wolf often enough as Number 6 was supposed to have done, and no-one will believe you. Then when your cry is genuine, no-one will believe you. If there was one man in The Village to prove to be a stumbling block in the execution of Number 2, then that man would surely prove to be Number 6. So someone had to have Number 6 discredited, so that he was not to be believed, not even when he cries wolf to the intended victim.
   But then why should Number 6 care what happens to Number 2? Well of course he doesn't. But he does care what happens to the innocent people. In fact Number 6 seems to have gained a social conscience all of a sudden, which is completely out of character, as he's never bothered about the innocent people of The Village before. Certainly he has no time for them in the next episode, as Number 6 has reverted back to the "lone wolf," who the citizens certainly have no time for. Short memories that they have, but then they never really knew the service Number 6 did them in ‘It‘s Your Funeral.’ And really the people appear quick to turn on Number 6, especially when he is posted as unmutual. But then of course the good citizens of The Village are being manipulated by the Committee, which is in Number 2’s pocket. Number 2 and his Committee might well be holding a witch-hunt against unmutuals, but he’s using that against Number 6 in order to try and extract the reason behind Number 6’s resignation. He fails of course, and ends up being denounced by Number 86 as an unmutual. She of course is being used as a tool against Number 2 by Number 6. Once in ’Free For All’ Number 2 asked the question of whether or not Number 6 had the administrative ability to manipulate such a community as The Village? It would appear Number 6 has learned a thing or two along the way. And for a second time Number 6 saves the good people of The Village from Number 2’s witch-hunt!

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