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Tuesday 17 November 2015

The Downfall Of No.2!

    It has been questioned whether or not Number 6 was actually sedated or not, in the episode ‘A B and C,’ seeing as he’d taken a sip of tap water, instead of drinking his nightcap of hot chocolate. That would depend on whether or not the tap water contained a sedative to put Number 6 to sleep, which still remains something of a vexed topic to this day.
   If Number 6 wasn’t sedated, but was feigning it, it would be expected of the doctor-Number 14 to realise that, and consequently inform Number 2. But on the other hand, if Number 6 wasn’t sedated perhaps the doctor chose to keep that to herself, thereby using Number 6 to help her achieve her own ends against Number 2. After all he had forced the doctor to use her new developed drug on Number 6, when it hadn’t been tested on animals, let alone humans, otherwise Number 2 would see the drug proved on her!
   This train of thought came about by the doctor’s reaction towards the end of the episode. Number 2 said that the doctor’s drug had failed, but no, Number 6 had succeeded. That was something the doctor seemed to be pleased about, judging by the expression on her face, the tone of her voice, that Number 6 had brought about the downfall of Number 2.
   And the drug? The third dose had been diluted by Number 6, so what might be the effect be on Number 6? Certainly diluted drugs do have their dangerous side effects. However in the episode it merely lessened the affect of the drug, and helped him control the third dream sequence.

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  1. No. 6 most likely feigned sedation after drinking the tap water. His fall to the floor is long, drawn-out, almost humorous, as if he were putting on a good show for his warders. This episode, in my opinion, is largely about acting and even the television medium itself, and No. 6's fall to the floor is the first "acting" that he does for his masters in the episode.

    1. Hello Anonymous,
      That's an appealing and original comment. I don't think anyone has approached that scene from your angle before. Looking at the scene again, it certainly makes yours, an interesting point of view.

      Very best regards