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Friday 13 November 2015

Number 6 And His Strong Sense Of Identity

    Number 2 once said that Number 6 has a very strong sense of territory, that you won’t shake him on his possessions. “No you won’t” agreed Number 6. Yet in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ after Number 100 had exchanged Number 6’s wristwatch with an identical one, it must have been exact to Number 6’s wristwatch, as it completely fooled him. There must have been the same scratches on the glass face, the same wear and tear on the black leather strap. This is a man who supposedly has a strong sense of identity, of territory, who couldn’t be caught out on his possessions. Surely he would know that he had collected a different wristwatch from his locker in the gymnasium? But I suppose that if he had, he wouldn’t have gone to the watchmaker, which was all part of ‘Plan Division Q.’ I wonder why go to all the trouble of changing the wristwatch, when they could easily have tampered with Number 6’s original watch during the night. All they had to do was to stop it from working, and the result would have been the same. A visit to the watchmaker!

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