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Monday 2 November 2015


   “Anyone at home?”
   “Oh no, not you again!”
   “You don’t look pleased to see me!”
   “You’re not going to shout at me again are you?”
   “You know what you are don’t you?”
   “I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”
   “You’re a **!*ster!”
   “A what?”
   “A **!*ster. You had me put in The Village!”
   “I had you what?”
   “I resigned, you had me abducted and put in The Village.”
   “The Village, it’s a place where people turn up, people who cannot be left around. People who have knowledge which is of importance to one side or the other.”
   “Well what did you expect us to do after you resigned?”
   “I expected to be left alone. I resigned, for which I gave you my reasons.”
   “But people like you cannot think they can come in here shouting the odds at me and then expect to get away with it. Anyway we didn’t accept your resignation.”
   “A man like you, of your calibre, you are too good a man to lose….look what is it you want?”

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