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Friday 27 November 2015

What's That Number 6 Up To?

   It looks like Number 6's distress call has been picked up alright. But if Number 6 looks to be "all at sea," just take a look at the depth of water at this point. It would appear that Number 6 has not been picked up by M. S. Polotska, but instead made it along the coast, hence the shallow water. But who are the three jokers about to help him? If Nadia Rakovky was right they could be fishermen from the fishing Village Maniewo. But Number 6 isn’t in the Baltic Sea. But in fact Number 6 is preparing for The Village boating regatta next week, he's already dressed for the occasion. The Regatta Committee are of the opinion that Number 6 could have chosen a more suitable craft. That Coracle he built would have been better suited, than a pair of rubber lilos roped together. Trouble with Number 6 he will not be advised, such is the stubborn nature of the man. He takes to view that anything will do in a storm. Well I wouldn't give much for Number 6's chances with that toy boat of his!

Number 232 {Village Regatta Organiser}

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