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Thursday 19 November 2015

Village Life!

    Life in The Village will never be quite the same again! I know Number 1 is supposed to be aboard that rocket, but I cannot help but see a missile carrying a nuclear warhead. The Village has gone ballistic! If either the Russians, the Americans, and yes, even the British, had learned of the launching of this ballistic missile via their monitoring stations, either side would think that the other side had launched a pre-emptive strike. Then they would automatically retaliate, and then the fallout would be far reaching.
    The rocket was a Blue Streak rocket superimposed on the film, which was once to have been
Britain’s nuclear missile programme. But that was changed, and the Blue Streak was turned over to launching satellites just before the programme was cancelled altogether in 1968. How or even why, should The Village wish to acquire a Blue Streak rocket? But seeing as how they had, The Village Administration would be in need of a scientist to oversee the missile project. So who better than Professor Schnipps, a German scientist who could have worked on the VI and VII rockets during the second World War. Possibly even on the NAZI New York rocket programme. 

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