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Thursday 12 November 2015

Living In Harmony

    In the Silver Dollar saloon Will is letting off steam, in fact he’s whooping it up with the boys and getting mighty friendly with Cathy into the bargain. He wants Cathy to have drink with him, Cathy urges Will not to let his wife catch him. There’s just one tiny problem, the Kid. As far as he’s concerned Cathy’s his girl and he gets mighty jealous of anyone who fools around with Cathy.
    When Will’s at the bar with Cathy, the Kid stubs out his cheroot on Will’s neck. He spins round to face whoever did that, to find himself facing the Kid. The Kid is a psychotic killer, who may well be wearing the clothes of the men he’s killed. But Will’s no gunslinger, he’s a rancher. He wears a colt 45 right enough, but he’s more likely to fire his hand gun to scare away Coyotes. Or use the butt of the gun to hammer in nails to mend a fence, than he is to use the gun to kill a man.
    But there he stands facing the Kid, while others look on. Cathy stands between the Kid and Will, she tries to speak out, but the Kid moves her to one side, and she backs away leaving the two men facing each other. Will draws his gun but does not fire. The Kid looks at the gun, looks at Will, then draws one of his Colt 45’s and fires, leaving Will lying dead in the dust of the saloon floor. The Sheriff arrives, checks the scene and does nothing. The best advice the Town’s people offers to him is, to gets some guns on!

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