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Thursday 16 May 2013

4 Intrepid Heroes

   How did they fair at the end of the Fall Out, those 4 intrepid heroes?
   Well as for this gentleman, this secure and successful member of the establishment. For him things appear to have gone back to normal, just as though nothing has happened! Pictured here, this gentleman, this one time No.2-Chairman of the village is about to enter the Houses of Parliament. Either as an MP {Member of Parliament} or working as an undersecretary to an MP. Either that or in the House of Lords. Returning to the position he once described back in that cavern under the village, at his trial during ‘Fall Out.’ In once having the ears of Kings and Princes, who is able to nip revolutions in the bud, and all that jargon he spouted as his defence.
   Yes, for this man, its is though nothing has happened.... yet! But for others, well take this uncoordinated youth, pictured here trying to thumb a lift somewhere along the A20 between London and Dover.
   Here he is, youth with no apparent responsibilities. And without a care in the world, as he tries to thumb a lift on either carriageway of the A 20. So he's not even bothered in which direction he goes. It's the journey you see, the journey matters more than the eventual destination. Beats me why he was ever brought to the village in the first place!
   Then there is our old friend, the ever faithful diminutive Butler. Seen here on the steps of 1 Buckingham Place, watching his master drive off before he enters the house.
   So what does he do when he gets inside the house, this ever faithful manservent? He packs two suitcases, and then leaves 1 Buckingham Place that's what he does. And having departed, goes on a journey of his own, to make sure he arrives in the village in time for his previous masters Arrival there!
   And as for the 4th of our intrepid heroes, well he's just as much a prisoner at the end as he was at the beginning. For him there is no escape, it simply starts all over again.
    Somewhere along that long and deserted runway, as dark clouds gather over head and then a sudden clash of thunder which sets the Prisoner on his way to hand in his letter of resignation...... well you know how it goes.

I'll be seeing you

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