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Saturday 18 May 2013

The Therapy Zone

Dance Of The Dead
   No.6 is an "absolutist" who is sentenced to death. However it is a death sentence which is never carried out, nor do they have any intention that the sentence should be carried out. Because it is nothing more than intimidation designed to try and break him! And yet, imagine the scene, had the mob screaming for the Prisoner’s blood, actually caught up with him. They would have torn him to pieces!

   As No.2 suggested in ‘Free For All’ "Confide and we concede." In other words give them what they want and life in the Village becomes more comfortable. No.6 might even be give a position of authority, as suggested by No.2 on the day of the Prisoners arrival in the Village.
   So if No.6 has pretended to confide, then he might very well have been given a position of authority, and thereby attempt to bring the system of the Village down from within. After all there were those in such a position to possibly help - No.12 of Administration for one!

   “Confide and we concede" said No.2 in ‘Free For All,’ and I said In other words give them what they want, and life in the village becomes more comfortable. Not for poor Roland Walter Dutton it didn't!

What Price Number 2?
    No.6 may have been elected as the new No.2 in ‘Free For All,’ but just by his immediate abuse of the power he has only just attained, you can see what kind of No.2 he would, have made. No.6 would never have made a good No.2 - Chairman of the Village, because he has too much of a social conscience!

‘Once Upon A Time’ was the ultimate test - Degree Absolute. I wonder just how many previous prisoners, before No.6, reached the ultimate test in that embryo room, and how many actually survived it?

Player Her Part!
   If Nadia was a plant in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ then surely the same can be said of No.58, the maid in Free For All, who turned out to be the newer No.2!
   Indeed No.58 played her part exceptionally well. Pretending to be someone from some unidentified country, speaking a language which as far as we can see, only she and No.2 can speak and understand. Except for No.6 who caught the phrase "Ly izeet a zoone."
   Assigned to No.6 as his driver for the duration of the election, No.58 seems to enjoy her role, and we see the softer side to her nature.
   But there can be no denying that by the end of the episode ‘Free For All’ has shown her true colours, and speaks perfect English with no sign of a foreign accent! Her role as No.58 is a front and as phoney as the election itself. One can only speculate as to what was in her mind at the time. But clearly No.2 was enjoying herself in this deceitful role, and at times the company of No.6.

Ly izeet a zoon.

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