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Thursday 16 May 2013

The Therapy Zone

   It seems to me that the answer to the Prisoner's problems lie within the confines of the Village, and within himself. The answers to his many questions, his situation, and even his own salvation as in the episode ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’

It’s Your Funeral
  Is a curious title for an episode in which there is no funeral and nobody dies! Yet I suppose it is the threat that counts!

Mind Games
   And not playing it according to Hoyle, is probably why this particular No.2 isn't very good at them, playing mind games that is. After all he stood there watching, along with certain members of the hospitals medical staff, and he still didn't spot it....... that Professor Seltzman switched the minds of three people at the same time!
   Well who did know?..... No.6 knew that's who!

Many Happy Returns
   That photographic evidence of the Prisoner's, I wonder if that photographic evidence was suppressed by the Colonel? Filed away in one of those grey filling cabinets in that long warehouse we see during the opening sequence of ‘the Prisoner

Free for All
    Well the same can be said of the viewers who have watched, and become fans of the series. Because the Prisoner can certainly test fans who are trying to come to an understanding of the series..... don't you think?

The Message Behind The Prisoner
   If indeed there is any kind of message is this. Not to simply accept things as they are, but to question, and to question those around you. Don't think as others would have you think. Don't react as others react, to be an individual as far as society will allow. Simply to be yourself. Don't be a sheep! Well that's how I read the message, and I do at all times, try to be myself, an individual, and a goat when times and situations call.

Don’t Upset Her Number 6!
No.42, who appears to be in a permanent state of depression, she is always in tears!
   Mind you No.42 soon seemed to get over her state of depression. Because before you know it she's a fully fledged member of the ladies sub-appeal committee, after No.6 is snubbed by the citizens of the village, No.42 tells him that "They are socially conscious citizens and are provoked by the loathsome presence of an unmutual."
  Work with No.86 and the social group must have done No.42 no end of good. And in so short a space of time, and I bet I know where she gets her new found assertiveness from - that brash No.56!

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