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Sunday 19 May 2013


   No.66-the ex-Admiral suddenly announces "I'll give you another chance" he offers to his opponent No.6.
    I don't know what game this ex-Admiral is playing, but he's probably not the complete idiot he appears to be. Certainly his in-joke about the Stoneboat being great in any weather, that he's sailed her many a time, does take some understanding. What I don't understand is about this ex-admirals naval cap.
   Well not so much the naval cap, but the white cap badge pinned to it. Pictured here it has a white background with a black penny farthing upon it, and the red numeral 66 at the point he announces "Checkmate."
   And here as the ex-Admiral tells No.9 "We're all pawns me'dear!" The badge pinned to his naval cap is still the same as it was a few moments earlier.
    So what's the game? I only ask because of this next image is a photographic still taken during the scene between the ex-Admiral-No.66 and No.9 as he tells her "We're all pawns me'dear!"
   Well you can see what's wrong in this photograph can't you?
If not, this next enlarged image may clarify things a little more for you.
    The ex-Admiral is wearing a negative badge, as I term it, rather than the previous positive one! A badge with a black background with white penny farthing and the red numeral which I cannot quite make out..... 2 or 3 something 5 or 2 perhaps.
   The number is really irrelevant, its the cap badge which concerns us. The fact that this photograph was taken during the scene with the ex-Admiral-No.66 and No.9, and in between the time of pronouncing "Checkmate" and offering No.6 another game, and telling No.9 that "We're all pawns me'dear" his cap badge goes from the positive to the negative, and back to positive again!
   So what's this ex-Admiral's game?
   Alright, the photograph may very well have been taken during a rehearsal of the scene between the ex-Admiral and that of No.9, but why change the cap badge? Could it have been the case that the white positive No.66 badge fell off the naval cap, and was replaced with the black negative badge of a different number at the time the photograph was taken? If so, they must have found the white No.66 badge and replaced it for the black badge in time for the filmed scene, and thereby maintaining continuity!
   Sometimes it is often the case that photographs between scenes are taken for reasons of maintaining continuity. But this does not appear to be the case in this instance, as if it is a continuity photograph, the photograph itself its wrong!
   What do readers make of it?

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