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Tuesday 28 May 2013

The Therapy Zone

 Supervisor’s Report
   Well part of the machine I might be, and more than a mere cog as No.12 purports to be. But at least my position is reasonably safe and secure, safer than that of No.2 anyway.
   I don't have to get myself involved with complicated plots and schemes in order to extract information from that No.6! But when I do try and give some input I only get my head bitten off, so mainly I keep myself to the control room and my administrative details, at least when I'm on shift that is.
  I was once promoted to the position of No.2 you know, oh yes. But the position only lasted a week, after that I had to take my place as a delegate of the Assembly. Soon after which all hell broke out, and the village evacuated! I knew that No.6 was trouble the moment I first laid eyes on him, as he was leaving No.2's office that time, and we passed as I was entering.
  In my opinion there is only one way to get any such required information from No.6, and it doesn't entail any highfaluting schemes and plans. Such plans have never achieved anything, some have never even come close to succeeding. All you have to do is have no.6 taken to hospital. Well you don't even have to go that far, you can do it to him in the comfort of his own home. Just inject him full of the truth drug Scopolamine, then he'll tell us anything we want to know alright, including that precious secret of his..... the reason behind his resignation! And what's more we still wouldn't be damaging the tissue!

"Milk it makes good temper. Would you like some?"
   It’s also something you drink when you have a stomach ulcer! Hence The Tally Ho news headline in A B & C Is No.2 Fit For Further Term? Not questioning No.2's ability, but the matter of his health!
  Even when this particular No.2 is brought back to the village for a second term of office, his health is not improved, as he's still suffering from his ulcer, but this is only shown through his continuation to drink milk.

   In the days of good old Ceefax, so I’m going back a bit, a headline appeared. Not produced here for mild entertainment or to be laughed at, but as a curiosity which might be applied to that of ‘Fall Out.’       "Blast kills 1 and injures 6."

Badge Of Authority
   The badge worn by the majority of Village citizens has been described as being a constant reminder of the authority, and is the means of identifying its citizens. Well what works one way, works another. Because if you've been striped of you own name and identity, at least a numbered badge gives you some kind of identity to cling on to. Look how No.6 reacted the moment he thought he'd lost his identity of No.6 in ‘The Schizoid Man.’

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