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Sunday 12 May 2013

Thought For The Day

    Well it's over, the screening of THEPRIS6NER for the 4th anniversary of the series. The scriptwriter Bill Gallagher said that all the loose ends will be tied together in the final episode. Well I'm not so sure about that. As Six is designated "the one" by the people of the Village, and 313 has decided to become the next dreamer of the Village, to accept the pills which will sedate her, the hallicinagentic drugs to make her dream about the Village. Well that's all well and good. But Helen/M2 is awake, so surely Six and 313 no longer exist in the Village, because there is no Village, not until Sarah/313, in New York begins to dream about the Village, to make another Village. Surely 313 should not have been given the pills in the Village, they should have been given to Sarah in New York! It's alright giving the pills to 313 as pictured here.

     But it is not 313 who will be dreaming the Village, it's her other self, Sarah, who will be dreaming the Village. Sarah pictured here.
  Six, the new Two, thinks it's possible to do it the right way. To make a good Village. He thinks he could do it. He thinks he has to try, whatever the cost.. A moral Village, freedom within the prison! But that's looking at 313, but it is Sarah who is to dream the Village. Sarah who is traumatised, was abused as a child, and left mentally disturbed. So what chances now for Six making a better Village? Seeing the damaged material he has to work with, I'd say no chance at all!

Be seeing the Village!

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