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Wednesday 22 May 2013

The Supervisors Report

    well I knew how it would be. They come along with their fancy gadgets, this time a reaction transmitter in a locket hung about No.8's neck. I always thought that doctor was over confident, and as for her underestimating No.6, well she wasn't the first to do that, and in all probability wouldn't be the last.
    I'll never forget that time her gadget packed up, and it was no longer hanging about No.8's neck, there was panic then, and it was her lucky day when we picked up No.6 on the beach that time.
    We don't pick up many S.O.S's, but when we do we are quick to react when Trans Ocean flight D for Delta had her engines on fire and was losing height. We picked up an automatic distress signal, and it was pretty close to the shore. And with hindsight, I suppose I should have recognised No.6's voice in that transmitted distress call. But everything began to move fast. Plus the searchlight crew in the tower had been attacked......
   Yes it was all go that night. But it keeps us on our toes, and shows that there are procedures in place to deal with any emergency, or given situation in preventing any form of escape attempt.

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