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Wednesday 15 May 2013

Aggression Versus A Passive Nature

   This man is on a mission, he pulls the double doors open in dramatic fashion, and comes bursting into the office.

   And the man sat behind the oak desk doesn't turn a hair!

  Even when the Prisoner starts ranting and raving, the man sat behind the desk remains passive, and unstirred.
  When the Prisoner slams down his letter of resignation upon the desk, and forcibly declared with his fist, upsetting the tea cup and saucer and breaking the tea plate in two, does the man behind the desk maintain his passive nature.

A letter of resignation is delivered, and stamped with force of a hefty fist slammed down on the desk!
   And upsetting a tea cup and saucer, with a broken tea plate in dramatic fashion! And still not a word or sign of protest from the man sat behind the desk, as he sits there passively listening to the man who rants and raves, unshaken he remains as he toys with his pen!

  This chap is certainly angry about something, but we don't know what. Well he'll soon have something else to be angry about, if he's not quick about it!

I'll be seeing you, and we'll be seeing him very soon……. in the Village!

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