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Thursday 23 May 2013

The Mirrors Cracked!

    No.6 "Who is it?"
    No.6 "What is it you want?
    "You called me!"
    "I did? I thought you called me, the telephone rang, and I answered it."
    "So did I!"
    "I recognise your voice."
    "Yours seems very familiar to me."
    "Oh no! You're not Curtis are you?"
    "Listen Curtis, get off the line, then go running back to your masters and tell them to go and get **!!*!*
    "Well you can tell him the same from me!"
    "Why should I do you any favours?"
    "I feel percisely the same."
    "Just a minute, who are you?"
    "Im Number six."
    "So am I!"
    "You can't be!"
    "Neither can you!"
    "Well one of us has to be Number Six, we can't both be!"
    "I agree, there must be two of us!"
    "Wouldn't that be repeating something that's been done before?"
    "Not if there are two Villages!"
    "A parallel Village?"
    "Wouldn't that be going too far?"
    "Not far enough as far as I'm concerned. The further away from the Village the better I'd like it!"
    "That's all very well, but which of us is the right Number 6?"
    "Either, both, who knows."
    "You sound a bit ruffled!"
    "You'd be ruffled if you had the Number 2 I'm having to deal with."
    "I know what you mean."
    "If we're living in parallel Villages, how come you were able to telephone me?"
    "You must have your lines crossed, you telephoned me!"
    "Yes, that's probably it. Why don't you ring off?"
    "Don't you tell me to ring off. You ring off!"
    "I'm going to report you to umber Two!"
    "You dirty rotten sneak! I didn't rat on you at school when you were talking in class!"
   "Well go and tell Number Two that I wouldn't go for it!"
   "I've got enough problems of my own. Go and do you own dirty work. I'm going to ring off!"
    "No you don't, I'm ringing off!"
    "Not before me........"
    Suddenly the telephones went dead, never to be re-connected!


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