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Thursday 23 May 2013

The Prisoner In-Depth!

   Ever since I left Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society, I've been writing, writing about 'the Prisoner, as my blog articles gives colour to. And then I had the idea of writing the most comprehensive book on the subject of 'the Prisoner' and all related material, a book which would make an invaluble reference work for any fan of 'the Prisoner.' Indeed I carried out a four year study of 'the Prisoner' in-depth, and at the end of that time I thought that was that, and a good job well done. Especially as I had made new, and fresh discoveries about 'the Prisoner,' which have thus far never appeared in print. I was wrong about that, because even after those four years, there has still been material thrown up from time to time, which made further research necessary.
    And so it was last night, while Morag and I was watching a programme on the Chelsea Flower show, that something came to light about 'the Prisoner,' something regarding what Number 6 said about those having accepted the situation of their imprisonment, and dying in the Village like "Rotten cabbages!" I need to complete further research until my finding can be conclusive!

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