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Monday 27 May 2013

Thought For The Day

    We all make mistakes. Sometimes we have to. Its Not All Allegorical And Enigmatic, sometimes it's quite Straightforward really.
    As with the episode ‘Its Your Funeral.’ A plot to assassinate/execute the retiring No.2 who has just returned to the Village from a spell of leave. His execution, at the word from No.1, and organised by heir presumptive and interim No.2, with the co-operation of No.100 who has indoctrinated the little watchmaker-No.51 to carry out the actual assassination of No.2.
   No.6's involvement is brought about by using No.50-Monique as a dupe for her father's sake to make No.6 become involved, and No.6 as a dupe because without his credibility the plan might not work. But "Plan Division Q," the execution of No.2, is unsuccessful because of No.6's involvement with the plan, and so Its Your Funeral is probably the most straightforward of all the episodes. Quite allegorically free, apart from the bit where No.6's involvement is required. You would think that the Village Administration would have known better than to actually, voluntarily, get No.6 involved. Haven't learned much, have they?

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