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Monday 13 May 2013

Teabreak Teaser

    Do the Observers in the Village really see and hear everything?



  1. Hello David,

    thats an interesting question..

    I'd like to think they don't. Most things, and for sure too many things, but not absolutely everything. I think there are even some examples, when they fail to see, and/or hear.. For example they don't see the Rook unounting the surveillance camera, or Number 8 giving her transmitter to Number 6. But we can't be sure if there really was noone who saw it (we did, at least), or if it was stored on some tape or the like, so that they could check later (poor Rook). In some cases it isn't even sure if they saw but did deliberately ignore an event that could come in handy later.

    But, another point is that the observers couldn't be sure to see what their subjects saw.

    Very kind regards,

  2. Hello Jana,

    I enjoyed your comment, as I hope other readers did.
    I'm of the opinion that the Observers do not see and hear everything. I mean how many observers are on duty in the Control Room at any one given time, 6 or 7 at most as far as I can see. To have the Observers seeing and hearing everything, everyone in the Village would have to be watching everybody else!

    Kind regards