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Tuesday 14 May 2013

The Therapy Zone

"Places don't change, only people."
                            {Roland Walter Dutton - Dance of the Dead}
    I wouldn't put too much store in that remark if I were Dutton! After all, in it's way, even Portmeirion has changed!

  But didn't that episode turn out to be something of a "fools-mate" for No.6? The leader of the gang hoist by his own petard!

Never A Dull Moment!
    As the Prisoner is not only taken out of the village from time to time, when he enjoyed the change of environment of Engadine's party of ‘A B and C,’ where previously he had enjoyed a pleasant sea trip with Nadia. And of course No.6 had the hazardous sea journey of his escape during ‘Many Happy Returns.’ Not only that, but No.6 and a number of confederates were all set for another sea journey towards the end of ‘Checkmate.’ ‘Living In Harmony’ again saw No.6 being taken out of the villages environment, even if it was only all in the mind, and then it was during ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ that No.6 was taken out of himself, as well as out of the village. Some fans of the series would have it that this was the perfect escape for No.6. But really would you want to spend the rest of your life in a body not to your suiting, the Colonel's? No, and nor would No.6!
   And finally the Prisoner not only relieves himself of the villages environment altogether as he escapes in ‘Fall Out,’ but also relieves the village of No.1's influence, having sealed him in the nose cone of the rocket, and so launching him into outer space!

   Having brought No.6 to the village, was possibly the biggest mistake the villages administration could make. When you have so many sheep, and then to bring a goat amongst them, well it's bound to lead to trouble!

Many Happy Returns
    This is not so much as escaping the Village, but a great leap of faith No.6 is about to undertake. A dangerous sea journey to where? Because No.6 has no idea of where he is sailing from, so he cannot judge where he is sailing to!
   It would seem that anywhere is preferable to the village, and No.6 is well prepared to take the risk. Never a man to simply sit about and see what happens.

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