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Thursday 30 May 2013

The Prisoner Under the Spotlight

  Regular readers of my 'Prisoner' based blog will no doubt have read the post 'Caught On Camera!' dated May 27th, and the comments of why the "Man with the stick" doesn't have a more leading role in the escape attempt in 'Checkmate,' but takes a backseat role. Also the suggestion that the "Man with the stick" being a plant. Well I can at least confirm that the "Man with the stick" was not a plant.
   Originally there was to have been a plant within the group of reliable men chosen by No.6, this man.
    This man works for No.2, seen here at the outset of 'Checkmate,' an ordinary looking citizen, as he stands still while the Village Guardian passes by. Later in the series we see this man, Number 269, being led to a meeting with No.6 by the Shopkeeper and the Rook, rather like a prisoner and his escort, as the written description below confirms.
   The next descriptive picture shows No.269 with the group. The only difference is, he's now wearing a red jersey instead of blue, and a piped jacket. But still wears the distinctive cap.
   What had the man done? No.6 had found out that No.269 was a plant working for No.2.
The next two pictures are taken from routine surveillance film footage. As you can see No.269 is no longer amongst the group as they enter the Green Dome.
   But yet there is No.14, the "Man with the stick." still amongst the group, which clearly shows he did not disappear from the group of reliable men, and so not a plant.
   This post is in the form of a reply to Arno and Jana. As I could not add pictures in reply to comments. But of course is open to other readers who may have read the recent comments on this matter.
   Why the scene with No.269 was delated from the finished episode is unknown. The reason might have been simply, that episode had to be reduced to 50 minutes.

I'll be seeing you, tomorrow, back on the chessboard!


  1. Hello David,
    thank you very much, that was interesting! I guess I was on the wrong track..
    Best wishes,

    1. Hello Jana,

      Don't knock yourself out! We all have to make mistakes, sometimes we have to!

      Kind regards