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Monday 20 May 2013

Art Imitating Art!

  I have a screensaver made up from pictures from 'the Prisoner,' well what else would you expect? And this picture appeared on the screen.
   Just for a moment Morag thought it was herself and I in a re-enactment of this scene on the Belvedere Outlook from 'Dance of the Dead.' But of course it's Patrick McGoohan and Mary Morris. This is Morag and I in a re-enactment of the same scene.
  Okay, the picture is taken from a different angle, but we think, Morag and I, that we did a pretty good job. I even stood on the top where we are sitting at the point where No.2 says "You're not thinking of jumping, are you?"

Be seeing you


  1. Your scene is just like the original.
    You must be proud of your accomplishments.
    Was the Patrick McGoohan scene filmed at Portmeirion or is that a backdrop?

    Best regards,

    1. Hello Anna,

      The scene with Pat McGoohan and Mary Morris was filmed at Portmeiron. And yes, I am very proud of my accomplishments. But of course Morag and I made a very good team when it came to organising, and performing in re-enactments. What's more we were always word perfect, except once when as No.6 in the Election Parade re-enactment of 1994. It was a hot day, my throat was dry, I thought I could do with a drink. And that was that, my next line had gone! I was dry alright, I'd dried up....well that sometimes happens to the best of actors!
      We might have been amateurs, but we did it with a certain professionalism.

      Thank you for your latest email. Always delightful to hear from you.

      Very best regards