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Monday 13 May 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Village
    It was once written that the Village is not a copy of normal everyday life, {I should hope not}, I would agree, {goes on the author} that it is modelled on... Utopia. A community with absolute equality, {really!} all needs provided, no worries, {???} no questions, {????} no illness, happiness on all levels...{by order!} Surely this must be the perfect society? Of course this is only the surface, under which lurks a very different society. But I feel that the concept of Utopia may explain much of the general aspect of the Village.
   Well this may very well be true for those citizens who are not inmates, or who came to the village voluntarily. Have given, either freely or through coercion, the information inside their heads, and who are now being looked after for as long as they live in the village.
  For those who have been forced to undergo that pacification process known as Instant Social Conversion - basically a Leucotomy, the dislocation of the aggressive frontal lobes - afterwards it might appear to the patient as Utopia. But in what kind of Utopia are such operation carried out? No, for many the village is no Utopia, not for the likes of Roland Walter Dutton, and all those other inmates who are experimented on at one time or another in the hospital, by doctors who are only too keen to carry out human experimentation!
  Yet have not these things happened here in the outside world? The village is not a Utopia, but a microcosm of our own society, and reflected in that society all that goes to make up that of our own... surely.

Have You Considered Why?
   Because either the village administration, or Pat McGoohna could not let Leo rest in peace, and had him brought back! After all Leo McKern had already gone through a nervous breakdown soon after and because of his role in the previous episode ‘Once Upon A Time.’
   And there's Leo's appearance, for a production he had been working .. his return to ‘the Prisoner’ in ‘Fall Out,’ hence the reason to hide No.2's appearance, and to make it seem that his appearance had actually been altered in that episode.

“You...." said Dutton at seeing the man walking towards the cave "..... of all people!"
   So why should Roland Walter Dutton be surprised at seeing an old colleague? Perhaps No.6 was the last person he would meet in the Village!

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