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Saturday 25 May 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Affair Of The Bruised Fingernail
   This is the Polaroid picture taken by No.24-Alison, is one of a series taken of No.6. And prior to this Polaroid, No.24 had carelessly knocked over a soda siphon, catching No.6's finger which bruised under the nail.
   This Polaroid was given to Curtis, who took it from the breast pocket of his blazer after that attempt by No.6 to prove his identity, with No.24 in a mind reading experiment, which sadly for him went wrong!
   What this Polaroid was doing in Curtis's blazer pocket I don't know. Surely not to help prove that he is No.6. Because he is wearing a cream blazer, whereas No.6 in the Polaroid is wearing a dark blazer!
  No.6, snatches the Polaroid from his others hand and carefully studies it. He studies it even closer in the comparative privacy of his cottage, with the aid of a magnifying glass. Thereby he identifies the passage of time, by comparing the bruised fingernail in the Polaroid, and that of his own, in that in the Polaroid the bruising is at the base of the fingernail, where his is now halfway up the nail. Also there is the perpetual day-date calendar in the background - 10 FEB. His own perpetual Calendar still shows 10 FEB.
   If it were not for that accident of knocking over the soda siphon, and injuring No.6, and had No.24 not taken that particular picture of No.6, his suspicions would not have any foundation.

What's Sir Saying?
    In the episode of Fall Out three rebellious types, ie No.48, a 'late' No.2, and Sir who has successfully vindicated the right of the individual to be individual, are given the opportunity to plead their case before the Assembly.
   We know what words issued fourth from both the lips of No.48, and a "late" No.2, yet not all is clear about what Sir is saying in his address to the Assembly. Something about "I feel that despite, the....... I feel that despite the devaluation of the pound never theless......." and then the rest is clouded in shouts of I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I by the delegates.
   And over the years many have tried to lip-read what Patrick McGoohan is saying in his address during Fall Out. But they have been thwarted at every attempt. And yet, they never make mention of two plain words that come at the end of that address given Patrick McGoohan, two words which are easily lip-read, and in all probability demonstrate just how McGoohan was feeling by that time...."I'm pissed off!"

Night Time
"Sleep, sleep, that's it sleep until tomorrow, lovely gentle sleep, and a lovely tomorrow."
   The way that disembodied female voice tries to lull No.6 to sleep, that night during Dance of the Dead, makes it sounds to me like a dose of brainwashing "a lovely tomorrow" my foot! Mind you the female announcer appears to believe her own words, in fact I can see her face, sense her ecstasy as she speaks. Perhaps she's the one who's been brainwashed!

Be seeing you, and a beautiful tomorrow to you all.

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