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Saturday 18 May 2013

The General

   It's true, the General doesn't survive too much scrutiny, especially when compared to computers of today, as they make the General look archaic! But we are dealing with a time when computers were not so widely available, especially home computers.
    So are we to believe that fictional wise, the General is a powerful "super computer?" I only ask that because of something read in todays Times newspaper. It would seem that this week Google announced some exciting new features that will enable its search engine, which enables it to know what you're going to say next, before you've said it!!!
    It is referred to as a Star Trek computer. Apparently it knows what you're thinking about before you've thought it! It will predict what you want before you realise you want it. It will answer a question a beat or two before you've even figured out how to phrase it!!
    Try typing "WHY" into googles search box and before you have  chance to type another letter you will be offered why is the sky blue - why did the Pope resign - why do cats purr, well you get the idea. So, if the General was a "super computer," why didn't it chuck out answers similar to these, or even simpler, why not?

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