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Friday 17 May 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Girl Who Was Death
    This maybe a fairy story featuring a deserted village, an escape by helicopter, an eventual escape by boat. An underground passage leading to an underground cavern, along with a rocket which No.6 sabotages.
    This fairy story features many of the ingredients which go to make up the whole Prisoner series. In Arrival No.6 attempts to escape the village by helicopter. In the episode Many Happy Returns No.6 wakes to find the village deserted! And in Fall Out we have an underground passageway leading to an underground cavern, and there's the rocket, which Sir launches in much the same way as he had sabotaged Professor Schnipps rocket in ‘The Girl Who Was Death. ‘
   So in telling a fairy story to any children who happened to be watching, including the readers here, No.6 was not only incorporating his past adventures in the village, but foretelling the future!

Kosho Champion 1967-1968 by our own reporter
   During the recent 'Kosho' championships, No.6 beat all comers to reach the quarter-finals, which was an easy match for No.6, taking only 2 minutes to dunk No.42 in the tank of water. The semi-final was a much more drawn out match between No.6 and 53, with 53 gaining a slight advantage as No.6 landed upon his trampoline. In tripping up No.6 as he landed, sending him backwards towards the tank of water. Had No.6 not been quick to roll out of the way it would have been himself who would have had to haul himself drenched and half drowned out of that tank of water, instead of No.53.
    The final match between last years champion No.14, was tactically a draw. It was merely through No.14 losing his footing on the top of the wall which gave No.6 the advantage. And it was only through No.14's submission which saved him from a dunking in the water tank. Making No.6 this years 'Kosho' champion.

The following questions were once asked, to which the answers are quite simple, well for the most part they are. At others I wonder why they bothered asked in the first place!
Does Patrick McGoohan have a middle name?     Joseph.
Did he undergo plastic surgery?   Unless this is referring to 'The Schizoid Man.'
Why did Frank Maher run along the beach instead of Patrick McGoohan?     
     Because its very difficult to run on sand, and after first trying, McGoohan twisted his ankle!
Why was Kenneth Griffith Napoleon and No.2 in 'The Girl Who Was Death,' and the Judge in 'Fall Out?'        Because Kenneth Griffith had played the role of Napoleon on stage, but not in the same way as he did in the episode. He was No.2 because he was No.2 just as any other actor played the role!!!!!!!! And as the Judge because like Leo McKern, Georgina Cookson, and Patrick Cargill before him, Kenneth Griffith was asked to play another role in the series.
Why was Georgina Cookson the 'blonde lady' in A B & C and Mrs. Butterworth in Many Happy Returns? Because the actress was asked to play those roles, other than that I've no idea!

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