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Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Therapy Zone

    Episodes of the Prisoner and Their Meanings
    Arrival Well that speaks for itself, and for anyone arriving in the village.
    The Chimes of Big Ben Friendship, deception and failure!
    A B & C Concerns itself with three people in the life of the Prisoner, friends, and acquaintances, to gain the reason why No.6 resigned.
    Free For All Village democracy and elections, in which No.6 turns it into a right free for all!
    The Schizoid Man An impostor in the village!
    The General An experiment in education.
    Many Happy Returns No.6 returns to his London home, then in time, to the Village on his birthday, the only real clue at this time as to WHEN the Prisoner is.
    Dance of the Dead Concerns itself with death. A man’s dead body is found washed up on the beach by No.6. No.6 is sentenced to death at his trial. The body of the dead man in that long drawer in the mortuary will be amended, as so the wallet in his pocket, so that it will be No.6 who has died in an accident at sea!
    Checkmate Chess features prominently, as so too the game which No.6 plays so well. There is experimentation, a mention of Pavlov and his rats, or was it dogs, yes dogs. And of course No.6 has to check to see who his mates are!
    Hammer Into Anvil No.2 sees himself as the hammer, and No.2 the anvil. But there’s a weak link in the chain of command just waiting to be broken! Paranoia, fear and a conspiracy, together with the lack of trust are all here in the mix.
    Its Your Funeral Assassination/execution, and the possibility of mass reprisals against the innocent citizens of the village. And No.6 appears to care - why does he care?
    A Change of Mind Could almost be the title of the next episode don’t you think? Unmutuals need to learn to live in harmony, a link to the episode two episodes ahead.
    Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling No, not High Noon for the Prisoner, but certainly A Change of Mind!
    Living In Harmony A reflection for those of A Change of Mind perhaps! But then that would be too docile, don’t you think?
    The Girl Who Was Death speaks for itself, an episode about a girl who calls herself Death, and tries to put an end to Mr. X, just as she had Colonel Hawke-Englishe. A fairy tale, or unused Danger Man script!
    Once Upon A Time isn’t a fairy tale, but make or break for either one of them, No.2 or No.6. And all it will take is one teeny weeny week!
    Fall Out The chance at last to meet No.1, which results in violent and bloody revolution. Escape, resignation, and abduction of the Prisoner!

Many Happy Returns
    The original script called for filming around Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus, specifying a sequence outside Lilly whites where a passer-by gives No.6 a two-shilling coin thinking him to be a beggar. This two-shilling coin No.6 uses to deposit the roll of film, he took back in the village, in a left luggage locket at Piccadilly Circus tube station for safe keeping. Although these sequences were never used in the completed episode.

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