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Monday 13 May 2013

The Prisoner All things To All Men And Women?

    Well that's how the saying has been over the years, not that the fairer sex are not fans of the Prisoner either. Some of the fairer sex even enjoy playing the role of Number 6 himself. This is something I have never understood, nor do I pretend to understand and is perhaps another topic for another time.
   Someone once wrote "The Prisoner is all things to all men, and is almost a mirror. The lasting attraction of ‘the Prisoner’ is that we see ourselves in the programme, and every time we watch, the programme has changed, because we have changed too."
   Well do you see yourself in the programme, and if you do, how do you see yourself? Oh don't tell me, No.6! Well that's who many, many fans relate to most in the Prisoner series. Let me tell you that when I was filming my Art house film ‘Village Day’ in Portmeirion back in 1998, I asked members of Six of One, there at Portmeirion for the Prisoner convention that weekend, to be extras to sit around at tables, or to walk passed on the lawn of the Old People's home for a scene with No.6 and the ex-Admiral-No.66. Only three people came and sat around tables for the scene. That's because only three people related to the senior citizens of the village, simply because of their age. And no-one else wanted to accept that they were of senior citizen age, which of course some people there were of such an age. But that wasn't the point though. In the Prisoner series citizens of all ages go to the Old People's Home, either simply to visits someone there, or like No.6 and Monique-No.50, to have morning or afternoon coffee on the lawn. So you see age wasn't the point when I called for extras at the Old People's home, but for so many people it was!
   So people find it difficult to relate to the senior citizens of the Village, finding it easier to relate to No.6. But what of No.2, and even No.1? I mean if fans relate to No.6, then surely at the very same time they relate themselves to No.1, seeing as how they are one and the same. And I knew a few people who wanted to be No.1 in certain circles. It's the power you see, the power over others that they cannot get in ordinary day life, so they search for it elsewhere Some attain it, others do not, but when you do get any power, such as it maybe, just be careful how you treat others.
   Who do I associate myself with within the Prisoner series? Well okay it's No.6. Yes I know, I've been painting the kettle black. But then in the past I have taken the role of No.6 in so many Prisoner re-enactments. I have been able to get into the character of the Prisoner-No.6, into the character of Patrick McGoohan if you like, seeing as part of McGoohan's own character is that of No.6. and so having got into the character, that I have become the Prisoner-No.6, complete with voice and all his mannerisms. And of course it has helped to actually resemble, in looks and appearance, Patrick McGoohan as he was in the Prisoner series. After one such re-enactment at a Prisoner convention, a re-enactment from Its Your Funeral when Monique comes to No.6's cottage, that I was told by someone who came up to me and said "You are the Prisoner!"
  Many compliments have been paid to me over the years because of my involvement with Prisoner appreciation, and that particular compliment paid to me rates very highly indeed.

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