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Wednesday 22 May 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
   Well that's the title of the ‘Danger Man’ episode in which John Drake's meets, and struggles against himself! I wonder which one of them we got in ‘the Prisoner?’ But perhaps judging by ‘The Schizoid Man’ and the encounter with No.1, we actually got both of them!

No.1 A Clone?
    It has been suggested that No.1 is actually a clone. Well its probable, if not impossible, but unlikely. As to be a true clone, that clone would have to be created, to live with No.6's parents from the time of its creation. To live No.6's life, to experience what No.6 goes through as he grows up, at school, at work, and in life in general for No.1 to be a true clone of No.6. Otherwise he's just someone who looks like No.6, but with a life all No.1's own.

Progressing To The Future
    By the end of ‘Fall Out’ No.6, or Sir as he had become known, had returned to the society of London after having received a taste of a possible future. For in the village there have been some technological predictions, the cordless telephone - the credit card - a cashless society - the International Community of the village, a blueprint for world order, that would become the European Community of today - the idea of the penny farthing is to be a symbol of man's progress and the speed at which he is progressing technological wise, and that perhaps we should slow down, before it all goes pear shaped.
   Well I hardly think man is prepared to slow down, and that some technology actually has much to pay for. Take that Wii game thing. I watch the commercials on television for Wii and there they are, a group of people with a games controller in their hand, linked up to a game being played on television, as they seem to be playing musical instruments in a band on the television screen. But if you look at the idiots in the room, waving about a white game control around in their hands as though playing a guitar, banjo, or holding that game control to their lips as though playing the flute, or clarinet, take a step back and see just how ridiculous they look!
  I mean, if people want to play a musical instrument, why don't they go and actually learn to play the flute, clarinet, or guitar for real?
   Now I can see the point Patrick McGoohan was trying to make in the Prisoner, with his Penny Farthing and man's technological progression - but I fear it is already too late!

    “The Chimes of Big Ben I thought No.6 took it all very calmly at the end. And as No.6 made his way back to his cottage, I also thought that the public announcer was extracting the Michael as when she announced a great new competition "Seascapes!"

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